Real-time parameter not updating until playbackstate is off and back on. Strange behaviour

I have run into a problem were fmod is up applying the parameter change until i restart playback of the event instance. This was working perfectly until made a back up copy of the Unity project. Upon using the back up I changed the directory it was in and i got errors about the streaming assets folder.
I seemed to have fixed these errors by editing the guid paths of the master bank and master bank string , I used fmod export all guids and used the data. This solved the problem with the constant path errors for the back copy. But the error exists in the original copy also and when I try delete fmods cache file next the settings file and also rename or delete these streaming assets. It keeps giving me errors and remaking files with the wrong information.
Now the parameters will not update on either in realtime until I stop the playback of the event and restart it. Even though the parameter description is telling me that the value has changed Fmod is not applying that change. Really strange Any ideas to as of why?

I have reinstalled Fmod into Unity, all paths are correct yet it won’t update the parameter change until The instance playback state stops and restarts. I have used get parameter to spit out the value and it does show the value changing as it should but it doesn’t actually compute inside Fmod until playback stat is restarted. Any ideas?

What versions of FMOD and the FMOD Unity Integration are you using?

Do you recall what errors you were getting after you changed the directory of the Unity project?
Are you getting any errors or warnings from FMOD now?