Pitch Shift audio quality degrades with automation envelope

I’m having an issue where automating the pitch parameter in Pitch Shifter is causing a degrade in audio quality over time. If I have the below envelope set, then no matter what the parameter value is, the sound quality will degrade over time, even if the parameter is unchanging (I tested it on read-only as well). The audio quality can be ‘brought back’ temporarily by changing the fft size or moving some of the envelope nodes. It will then start degrading again. The only way to stop this is to remove the envelope entirely.

Is there any way I can still automate the pitch but avoid this behaviour?

After a bit more playing around if I put a flat section in the envelope like this:

it avoids the audio degradation. It is weird though that a static parameter causes the behaviour described in my first post!

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue you’re describing. There is a slight difference between no pitch shifter and a pitch shifter with the default settings, but I have been unable to reproduce anything I would classify as degradation.

Can I get you to provide your FMOD Studio version, as well as a simple set of steps that consistently reproduces the issue? If possible, could I also get you to upload the asset you’re playing, and a copy of it after pitch shifter where the issue is observable? A video showcasing the issue would also do. You can upload elsewhere and link here, or alternatively upload to your FMOD user profile - note that you’ll have to register a project with us to do the latter.