Pitching down after Stopping

Hi Guys.

simple problem, but i just cant get it to work.

i have an event. and i want it to fadeout in volume when hitting the stop button.
thats easy, with the AHDSR curve on the master.
but why wont this work with an AHDSR curve on the master pitch.

i want the pitch to stay the same until i hit the stop button and then pitch all the way down in the given release time…
so far i just can pitch up or down until the event plays and when i stop it pitches back up or down again to the original pitch… i want the excat opposite but i cant move the points like that.

am i doing something wrong here ?

fyi: i am having a loop sound from a blender, food processor, and want it to stop i a realistic manner. so dropping in volume and pitch after stopping the event. and i dont want to involve another event or other sound, since it sounds best with the same event and sound just pitching down and dropping in volume

greetings Timo

Hi Timo,

AHDSR modulators will always return to their “base” value upon release if the property being modulated is not volume. Volume is a special case where it will start and finish at -oodB.

If you wish to pitch down at stopping the best way to do this is to create a parameter and automate the pitch of the event here so that the maximum value is the root pitch and the minimum value of the parameter is where you want the pitch to finish at.

Add an AHDSR to the parameter and set the Initial, Peak, and Sustain to 100%. Adjust the release time to what you need. Keep in mind that the AHDSR modulator depends on the event’s time, which is being affected by the pitch adjustments, so you may need to tweak the release time.