Playing sound from audio table without callbacks

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We have some problems with l2ccp that is constantly making our game crashing on PS4, I fix a bug and after some days another one pops up (and i’m working with this for a year now). I don’t need all the callback system, that is the one causing problems, so I wanted to know if there was the possibility to override this problem using a “PlayOneShot” of sound listed in an audio table. Something like “FMOD, take this key and play the associated sound”.

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The sounds from the audio table require a programmer sound instrument in an Event to play through.

If you are able to wait, we do have a fix coming out in the next release to fix the callback issue. It is currently in QA and will be released in the coming weeks.

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This is great news! We need to go for PS4 Vr Consultation in the next few weeks, so I’ll wait impatiently!

I have added the fix to our github repo in case you would like it before the next release.

It’s working fine! Well go for a QA session next week, I’ll let you know if we found any bug related to the callback.
Thanks for yous support.