Plays One Event but Not the Other, Shows No Audio Listener

Good morning, ran into an issue where I can play one audio event from fmod, but the second one has no sound and Unity logs No audio listener.
I have one manager running for this test and it contains both events (rifle and pistol). The weapons are generated at run time and both just contain an index number to correspond with either event. The manager is showing its calling on the correct event but on the pistol (2nd event) it has no sound / no audio listener error.

Any ideas what could be causing this? Thank you.

public void PlayShot(int index)
    if(index == 0)
    }if (index == 1)

This is the Instance that the guns will call on, index is just a runtime variable thats setup at the start of weapon creations. Both the rifle and pistol will call on this, no issues, however the rifle plays the sound, and the pistol does not. I checked with a few debugs, the pistol will go to its section, however as previously stated, no sound and log issues No Audio Listener.

Well narrowed it down, I guess the Pistol Example is just not working in from my reference. Here is what I used to reference the events.

[field: Header("RifleNoSup")]
[field: SerializeField] public EventReference RifleNoSup { get; private set; }

[field: Header("PistolNoSup")]
[field: SerializeField] public EventReference PistolNoSup { get; private set; }
[field: Header("Rifle")]
[field: SerializeField] public StudioEventEmitter RifleEventEmitter { get; private set; }

[field: Header("Pistol")]
[field: SerializeField] public StudioEventEmitter PistolEventEmitter { get; private set; }

So I went with this instead, adding the Event Emitters to drag and drop. For some reason without all the extra stuff, 3d sounds were not playing. I didn’t feel like going through all the other stuff to make this work in a custom manager.