Plugin Resonance Audio Source not working dsp output not found

ive been trying to add occlusion to my project for a while now and came accross this script made by Alessandro Famà Occlusion with Resonance Audio and FMOD – Alessandro Famà

i dont know if its cos they use a different version (2021.2.12f1) to me or i set it up the plugin wrong, i heard that this is a common issue on webgl project, but mine is window 64x, im just completely lost


It’s likely that you haven’t added Resonance Audio to your list of Dynamic Plugins in FMOD Unity’s Settings. In Unity, navigate to FMOD → FMOD Settings → Platform Specific → Default → Dynamic Plugins, and add “resonanceaudio” to the list - with this, FMOD will determine which version of resonanceaudio.dll to use depending on the platform you’re using, as each platform will inherit its settings from “Default”, which should resolve the issue.

For more info, please see our Unity docs on Plugins, specifically the Dynamic Plugins section.