Resonance Audio

Hello I’m trying to get residents audio working between FMOD and unity, The help menu for this is really terrible, I have added the google source plugin and listener in FMOD, there is an error in Unity when trying to add a plugin 'only supported on IL2CPP, also I do not have a resonance folder they suggest to add to the assets, frustrating, what am I doing wrong?

Does anyone know of a tutorial on how to implement this?

Have you added “resonanceaudio” to the plugins list in the FMOD Settings? The FMOD Unity integration should automatically have the Resonance Audio plugin included.

Sorry, I don’t understand, is this in Unity or FMOD, the plugin loads in the FMOD session OK, both Source/listener.

Do I need to install them into the UNity Asset/FMOD folder, what file do I install?

I’m on a mac, is it an AU or VST, is it in the normal plugins library?

  1. Select your FMOD Studio project and click Add Plugin .
  2. Type resonanceaudio in the text field.

Do I just type this in, nothing happens.

Going around in circles here…

OK if anyone else wants to try this forget the Github help go to Alessandro Fama webpage, pretty shoddy that an individual has to write the guide to this Google?!?

So now, is it supposed to sound completely ‘phasey’ and horrible?

BTW the resonance audio room is also very strange sounding.

So I’m not sure whats going on here, but this sounds terrible to me?

So after experimenting with this for some time, there are too many bugs with it, in particular the room implementation in unity. Also considering that Google have now dropped all spatial audio research, will FMOD be continuing to support this plug-in, would it not make sense to go to oculus instead?

The Resonance effects are third-party plugins not developed or maintained by Firelight Technologies. As such, we do not know the rationale behind their design.

If you have any questions or comments about the design of a third-party plug-in, we recommend that you direct them to that plugin’s developers.