How does Fmod integrate with Godot?

I’ve recently learned about Godot engine and Fmod, but I can’t find the teaching video of the integration of these two softwares. Who can help me tell me how to make these two softwares work together? Thank you for your answers.


There’s no official integration for Godot, but you may want to look at either or
as a starting point.

Thank you for your answer. I downloaded the items in the links you provided, but I can’t use them correctly. They are not as easy to open and use as unity. Can you elaborate on the detailed use steps? Forgive me for being a novice to Godot and Fmod, but I like sound design, and I want to use Godot and Fmod to work together. If only you had a process like unity and Fmod collaboration. Thank you again.

Yeah, looking at them, they are not particularly easy to follow.

We don’t currently have many people requesting Godot support, so providing our own integration isn’t something we are currently planning to add. The easiest thing to do would be to use unity as it is, as you say, much easier to get working.

Well, I’ve decided to use the Godot engine. I’ll try again to find the author of your link.I have a suggestion. If you want to compete with the popular software, Wwise, you need to make some other changes. For example, the support of multi engine integration and friendly novice teaching are just my personal suggestions. thank you.:smiley:

Actually, I had one more look. has a version of godot with fmod already integrated. You should be able to use it with the latest FMOD 2.0.

OK, thank you very much. You are so warm. I’ll try to solve the problem myself.

Hi there !
I’d like to reopen this thread as one of GitHub - utopia-rise/fmod-gdnative: FMOD Studio integration and bindings for the Godot game engine maintainers.
We’d like to be able to make it easier to use with first the setup.
For now we cannot package the addon ready to use as legally we cannot include fmod dynamics librairies in our releases. User has to manually copy them in platforms folders : fmod-gdnative/demo/addons/fmod/libs/windows at master · utopia-rise/fmod-gdnative · GitHub
I’d like to know if there is a way to be authorized to publish those librairies in our addon release.

Also, this would enable us to distribute the addon in Godot asset store.

As mentioned in our licensing FAQ, our standard licences do not apply to “applications or platforms that deliver multiple games or permit users to exploit for commercial gain.” This means that if you want to distribute FMOD as part of a game engine, you must negotiate a custom license with our sales team. To do so, contact and inquire about a “game engine license.”

Thank you !
Request has been done, will wait for answer.