Integration in Godot game engine


Did anybody write a module in C++ for Godot that interfaces with the FMOD [or FMOD Studio] C++ API ?

Writing a module seems quite straightforward (see Godot doc here : ) but I am not a decent developer.

Thanks for your answers.

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I’ve been hoping for this too, I was thinking of doing it myself but need to focus on the main project to get money coming in. I want to be able to play MOD music from my games.

That person made a integration:

But I want to see more upgrades and a definitive integration completed in godot

Thank you @fiwon123 for the heads up. Looks like that was made after I made the post, I had no idea about it. If it just lets me play MOD music, then this is the answer I’ve been looking for…

I would like to see FMOD official support for Godot, i’m using FMOD in Unity/UE and it’s really missing me when i use godot.

I’ve found this project for now ->