Preview event with Programmer Sounds

Hi, is there any possible way to preview event with Programmer Sounds?
To be able to hear any changes you make with event’s effects and parameters, at least with one of the sounds from Audio Table, assigned to that event.

You can assign a placeholder asset to a programmer sound module by selecting the sound module so that it appears in the deck, then dragging an audio asset onto the ‘Placeholder’ section of the deck panel.


Ah, seems that’s not work with multisound consist of programmer sounds as there is no placeholder field, But the desision is to add another layer with the only programmer sound and assign at least 1 file for auditioning and mixing into it

Ah, the placeholder field does exist for programmer sound modules in multi sound module playlists. If you select the programmer sound module in the playlist, its placeholder will be displayed in the area labelled ‘Sound.’ Dragging an audio file onto this area causes it to be used as the placeholder.

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