Problems building for Switch with FMOD


Helping port a PC game for Switch, and FMOD 1.10.00 seems to cause problems during build. Specifically, IL2CPP throws errors like this:

SwitchIL2CPPCache/il2cpp_cache/860828723F57E46495E9C697E1A5638D.o:Temp\StagingArea\il2cppOutput\Bulk_Assembly-CSharp-firstpass_4.cpp:function ParameterInstance_FMOD_Studio_ParameterInstance_SetValue_m2654580970: error: undefined reference to ‘FMOD_Studio_ParameterInstance_SetValue’

SwitchIL2CPPCache/il2cpp_cache/860828723F57E46495E9C697E1A5638D.o:Temp\StagingArea\il2cppOutput\Bulk_Assembly-CSharp-firstpass_4.cpp:function ParameterInstance_FMOD_Studio_ParameterInstance_IsValid_m365775692: error: undefined reference to ‘FMOD_Studio_ParameterInstance_IsValid’

There are hundreds of similar errors, and they only seem to occur on Switch builds.

It looks like the project integration is somehow broken, but it works fine when building for Windows. What’s the best way to solve? Update or reinstall FMOD?

There have been some fixes for the IL2CPP issues after 1.10.00 for all platforms.

I would recommend updating to the latest, 1.10.05 at the moment, to get these fixes.