Problems connecting to perforce, Studio shows files as "%%1.fspro"

When I try to find and add my new project to perforce (“Browse for project…”), it shows only files with %%1.fspro, like that:

(and of course cannot find them…)

looks like some parsing problem, but what could be wrong?

“Browse for Project” isn’t for adding new projects to Perforce, it’s for creating local copies of projects already in your perforce depot. That’s why it’s not displaying projects that aren’t yet in your perforce depot.

For step by step instructions on how to add a project that exists locally to your perforce depot, see the Adding your Project to a Perforce Repository subsection of the Adding Your Project to a Repository section of the Using Source Control chapter of the FMOD Studio User Manual.

Thanks, I get "This project’s path, “C:/ue4/dev/HM/ContentSource/testproject”, could not be mapped to any location in the depot/repository.

In console LOG there is warning “C:/ue4/dev/HM/ContentSource/testproject/testproject.fspro - file(s) not on client.”

So it is probably problem on my side, sorry.

This occurs when you try and follow the instructions in Adding your Project to a Perforce Repository?

What is the path of your Perforce workspace? From the error message you’re getting, it sounds like it might not include the C:/ue4/dev/HM/ContentSource/testproject directory. Are you sure the perforce workspace selected in FMOD Studio is the same one you use outside of FMOD Studio?

Problem was I had “enable source control integration for build banks” and banks directory was outside perforce. I think this also blocked assets and projects to add/checkin to perfoce.

I’m glad to hear you were able to solve the problem.