Profiler lacking data


I was using the profiler looking for some possibly leaking events. But sadly, the profiler is not showing the event count.
You can see here that it records the total event- and voice-count. Also it creates the tracks for the events playing but it is missing the instance count per event.

I haven’t used the profiler in some time. But I’m pretty sure in 2.00.08 this was working.

Do you have an idea what is going wrong? Can I do some test or debug something for you?


Currently using Studio Version and Unity Plugin 2.01.11

The profiler window in that screenshot is set to display graph of memory usage. To display a graphs of instance counts, click on “Instances (Self)” in the transport bar, or on “Lifespans” to see individual instances displayed as lines.

Oh, I’m sorry, Joseph.
How stupid not to see that!

It’s easy to miss the fact that those options in the transport bar are interactive. This is a known issue that’s already in our bug tracker.

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