Profiler not working in API mode


I am struggling to get the FMOD Studio profiler to playback in API mode. It works fine if API mode is turned off but if I click the API button and then press play I always get silence.

The way I understand it should play back from the API capture. I can see all this information in the API capture but the events just don’t seem to play.

Does it work for anyone else? Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


API capture playback depends on the built banks for the Desktop platform being available in your project’s build subdirectory. Have you tried rebuilding your banks for all platforms?

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I finally worked out what I had to do.

If anyone else gets this issue in the future try manually dragging the timeline off zero before pressing play. I only needed to move it forward by a tiny amount (50ms) and it started working.

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I have this issue, too. I press play and no sound plays. I have to click anywhere in the timeline with the mouse, then the sound starts. Seems like a bug to me.

Also, when profiling, it would be nice seeing all the action in the FMOD Studio editor. Seeing the playhead / cursor move and see the position, see how parameters are changed and the automation they drag with them. It would help seeing what’s going on a lot better than looking at graphs.