Profiler / Playback Drop Outs / Playback Not Working


I’m having issue with the profiler not playing back the session correctly. The session loads without problem and I see all the data. But when I hit playback I only get short bursts or noise followed by silence. The session was recorded on a MAC and I’m trying to play it back on Windows in case that matters.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi Michael,

The profiler data should be fine to play on Windows, after being recorded on Mac. Are you playing back with the API capture enabled (the button labelled “API” in the transport bar)? Having this enabled might result in differences in playback but still wouldn’t explain stuttering. If the problem persists, it may be best to send us a copy of the capture via a support email.

Hi Patrick!

Thanks for the fast response. It turned out it was something about the process my colleague used to record (he played on PC and recorded on MAC not sure exactly). Anyway, I checked the .wavs they were broken, as in the only contained short snippets of audio. We tried the recording process again on Win only. That worked flawlessly!

Thanks again!

Hi Michael, glad to hear things are working again. For future reference, if the recorded .wavs have gaps of silence, it’s possible there wasn’t enough network bandwidth, resulting in packets from the game being dropped. All the best!