API playback - making adjustments to events

Hi All,

The manual states:

“You can also use the API playback mode to make adjustments to events and buses and audition them in a real game scenario.”

Does this mean I can make a change to an event which has data recorded in the profiler, then play it back in API playback mode and hear the change made within the profiler?
If this is true, then I’ve yet to get this feature working.

For example - if I edit one of the events which has data captured, and mute one part of the event, upon returning to the Profiler and pressing play with API playback enabled, the part of the event I had muted is still audible. Am I missing something here?


Hi Jacob,

The API playback uses the built banks, so you will need to build your banks before hearing those changes in API playback mode. We’ll clarify this in the documentation.


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