I press the record button in a session in the Fmod profiler while an event is playing but no actual audio is recorded in the waveform and I have no idea why!!! This is really frustrating. Anyone any ideas ?


What version of the FMOD Studio are you using?

Can you provide reproduction steps? Is this happening when playing an event in Studio or using FMOD Engine?

This problem is occuring when I attempt to play an event whilst recoding in F mod profiler This should be a straightofrward operation by my account. Just hit record play an event and then specify the location where it saves. Another interesting discrepancy is that files (which contain no audio appear) in the .unsaved folder within the Fmod project. They should however travel to the .Metadata folder where all I have are html files. I dont kow how else to describe the procedure perhaps I need to upload a video ?

Btw I am using the Fmod Studio 2.02.19 version

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A video would be great!