Can't profile for more than five minutes without freezing and hangs

I’ve been trying to profile game sessions through localhost. If the profiler session records for long than 4-5 minutes FMOD studio will start to freeze and hang and sometimes crash completely. This happens even when only Studio and UE4 are open.

During the hangs, the recorded values in the profiler flatline at the value they were at when the hang started until the hang ceases. So I’m not getting accurate values all the time.

Is there any methods or settings I can change to prevent this or at least prolong the amount of time I can smoothly record?

I’m on UE4.27 and Studio 2.01.12. I’m unable to update due to being at a crucial point of development.

Are these dropouts coinciding with anything else in the profiler? i.e large jumps in voice counts, File I/O or anything like that.
As far as improving the profiler’s performance goes, there are some settings in File>Preferences>Interface under “Live Update”, as well as perhaps the “Automatically add event tracks to profiler sessions” option that could make a difference. It would be good to take a look through one of these profiler sessions, could you please package one of them and upload it to your Profile?

I can’t be sure about the accuracy of it because the whole profiler locks up.

I’ll send it to the support email.

Thanks for sending that through. I can’t see any obvious causes for the dropouts, it seems that api calls are being recorded correctly even though the levels and cpu graphs are stalling. Are these dropouts audible when you play the profiler capture back in Simulate Playback Mode?