checks out a most of the projects' meta data (unchanged) + long saving check on the next save

I was writing a little script for bank generation automation, , when using the call, it checks out most of the project’s meta data. When I revert unchanged files, most of those meta data gets reverted. The next time I save, it looks like FMOD was going through every event in the project and doing a writing data to disk call.

Does anyone know why this happens? Would really appreciate any advice on how to proceed.

Did some more digging, looks like

triggers the check no matter what, is there a way to bypass it? For a large project it will take a couple mins to wait for the process to finish.

I’m not able to replicate this on my machine. A source control project that I can confirm is the latest revision doesn’t check anything out when building via the File menu or the command.

Can you confirm you’re on the latest revision of your project? If you try to commit the project without building does it do the same file reverting? You should see a “no pending changes” message when you try to commit.