Project load warning, don't know how to remove it. [need help]

Hello everyone !

I’ve encountered an issue with my fmod project.
Everytime i open it, there is a warning (see images).

I don’t know what is it, how it impact my project and how to remove it. I tried everything, if anybody got a solution, feel free to tell me :slight_smile:

Thanks !

I’m afraid we can’t tell you how to remove this warning without knowing why it appears.

Have you tried clicking “Recover” and then saving the project? Did the message continue appearing after the project was recovered?

What information appears in the console window’s logging tab when you load a project with this issue?

Hello !

It keeps appearing even if I save it after getting it recovered.

This is what appears in the console window’s logging tab :

Thanks for the help !

The “Lookup failed for ParameterLayoutModel” messages indicate that your project is unable to locate missing parameter sheets, possibly because those sheets have been removed from your project’s events, but some references to them remain due to an incorrect merge or other source control-related error.

Have you tried selecting “File > Validate Project…” to automatically detect and fix issues of this type?

Thanks for the answer.

Yes I tried and it tells me that “there is no error”.
But when I close and open again the fmod project, same issue.

I don’t know what to do, and what is missing.
Do I have to create another clean project and do again all the work I did on the corrupted project ?

Unfortunately, without access to your project, there is no way for us to precisely identify and fix the cause of this issue. If you want, you can upload your project on your profile page on the FMOD Studio website.

That being said, if your project isn’t exhibiting any strange behavior when tested in FMOD Studio or in your game, it’s likely this error is benign. I therefore do not recommend recreating your project from scratch unless you discover your game’s audio is affected.