Project Unlicensed?

My indie project says that it is unlicensed does that mean that I am unable to use fmod

If your release date hasn’t passed yet we still don’t know if you’re evaluating or not in terms of if you’re actually going to ship the title with fmod or not. I can switch it over to licensed now, it will usually switch if the current date passes the release date.

I have to use FMOD to include music.
Im using Blitz3DNG the original Blitz3D had its own license for fmod but when it went open source that meant it was no longer licensed to use fmod(or so I am told) Im sure nobody would have even known I was using the open source Blitz3D rather than the original but I would sleep better knowing that everything is done and licensed correctly.
Im probably going to be at least a little late on the release date anyway so if it automatically switches over that means I can relax about it.
Thanks for your reply

For indies it will say ‘registered’ in the future rather than ‘unlicensed’ to avoid confusion.