Blitz3D and FMOD

Hi! I making a game with custom engine that is writting on Blitz3D. Blitz3D is using FMod 375 as I understand is ancient version of FMod. In Blitz3D readme on GitHub saying that I need to include fmod.dll with executable file when shipping the game. So my question is how I need to license FMod Engine?



hi please write to and we can answer your licensing questions there.

Hi, Brett! I already did


Mark Sibly, author of the original Blitz3D here.

The ‘deal’ I made with Brett back when Blitz3D and BlitzPlus were open sourced was very informal, basically just a brief mail exchange. At the time, I honestly thought that that was probably the end of Blitz3D, but for some reason people have kept using it!

But this apparently has caused a lot of confusion in the Blitz3D community about whether users are allowed to redistribute the fmod dll in the package with their games as there is no FMOD license, but my understanding is and always has been that they are, despite the fact there is no license file in there.

My last email exchange with Brett was on Sep 29, 2017(!) where the very last question I asked after sending him a link to the latest version of the BlitzPlus repository highlighting the fmod files in there, was whether I should add anything to the README.TXT or an FMOD license and he replied that he didn’t think it was necessary.

Brett can confirm this (I hope!) although in retrospect it may have all been a bit TOO informal. The version of FMOD in Blitz3D/BlitzPlus is indeed very old, but FMOD has gone on to become an absolute monster so it’s not surprising people are confused by it being available ‘for free’ with Blitz3D.

Anyway, this is the way I see things, it would be really great if Brett could verify this in person to put everyone’s minds at ease.

If I’ve had it wrong all these years, please let me know and I’ll take whatever steps are necesssary to fix it. I’ve already taken down the github and pages for Blitz3D and BlitzPlus in preparation for removing FMOD binaries if necessary.


Hi Mark, as mentioned offline, we have updated our EULA at , which references FMOD 3 in certain points. It allows users using it for non commercial purposes to use FMOD for free, but if they want to commercialize it they must contact us for a license.