PS4 SDK 7.5 for 1.10.20

The 1.10.20 downloads for PS4 don’t seem to fully support the 7.5 SDK:

[Debug] resonanceaudio.prx: SDK version (module_param) = 07.008.001.
[Error] Format of the SELF file is not valid. (resonanceaudio.prx, SDK version must be 07.50x)

Is there an updated resonanceaudio.prx available?


Hi SuperRetroMaker,

Is there any chance you are able to upgrade to either latest 2.00 or 2.01?

There have been some significant cross platform fixes to resonance audio available from 2.00 onwards.

Hi, we’re supposed to be going through cert this week, so updating wouldn’t be ideal (we’ve also got other platforms that are currently being certified/tested on 1.10.20). This one prx is the only thing holding us back (even though it functions fine, I believe we’ll fail cert because of it).

Resolved offline.


I have the same issue running FMOD v2.00.09 and the PS4 package for SDK 7.5.

Native Plugin SDK mismatch: The native plugin ‘Assets/Plugins/FMOD/lib/ps4/resonanceaudio.prx’ is built with major SDK 7.00

How do I get the 7.5 version of the prx file?


Resolved offline.

Is there any chance of getting a download link for only the 7.5 update (.pup) for devkit? I am an PS4 enthusiast and would like to upgrade the devkit software to a newer version. Thanks in advance

All files required for updating and developing on a PS4 devkit are available through your Sony DevNet account, no need to get them from us.