Questions about Resonance Audio


1,when I add Resonance Audio Source to event, the sounds become very muffled as if a lowpass filter is attached,but in fact,I didn’t add any effect.Why this muffled and how to make the sound clear ?
2,I can hear the sound change in FMOD Studio project when I add Resonance Audio Source,but the effect isn’t applied when I use Live Update.What else should I do to apply the Resonance Audio Source effect audible when using Live Update ?

Thank you very much


any help or tut to help me get things right?


There was an issue with the Resonance plugin that makes it sound muffled. This is going to be fixed in the next release. If you sign up to the newsletter you will know when the next release is shipped.

Can you provide more information on what you mean by Live Update? Do you have an existing game without the Resonance plugin and you’re adding it into the FMOD project whilst connected via Live Update? If so, you won’t hear changed in your game because the actual plugin DLL doesn’t exist in your game project. You will need to add this DLL to your game engine (how this is done depends on your game engine, it’s best to check out our documentation)


hi Richard,thanks for your reply.
That’s good to hear Resonance is going to be fixed , looking forward to the new version.


Just curious to hear if this issues has been fixed with the 2.0 of FMOD studio?


A post says it has been fixed with Fmod Studio 2.0