Resonance plugin & dull sounds


I’m finding that the Resonance Audio Source plugin dulls any sound that it’s added to. Like a huge LPF has been added to the sound. There are no filters in the mix chain, so it’s not an issue there, and it also happens when I add the Listener plugin to the master bus. I’m using FMOD version 1.10.12. Does anybody know why this is happening? As soon as I bypass the effect the sound is bright again.


This was fixed for FMOD Studio 2.00. You’re able to download and install FMOD Studio 2.00 and grab the updated Resonance Audio dlls from the “plugins” folder of the installation directory if you’re not updating your game from 1.10 to 2.00.

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Hi Richard,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately neither method seems to work for me.

I’ve tried this in 2 projects, one with version 1.10.08 and one with 1.10.12 with the new dll copied into the plugin folder.

I’ve also tried merging one of the projects to 2.00.00 and the same issue also occurs.

Are there any other steps I need to do?



I decided to try the Steam Audio and Oculus Spatializer plugins to see if they are a viable alternative. The same dulling issue occurs! Is this just a quirk of these spatial plugins?

Tempted to abandon HRTF processing in favour of high frequencies in my mix…

For visibility I’ll answer here as well:

Some HRTF plugins such as Resonance or Steam Audio consider being on top of the listener (the exact same position in the game world) as being “behind” the listener. When behind the listener some EQ and other effects are applied to make is sound like it is coming from behind the listener. If you move the 3D preview’s event emitter slightly in front of the listener then it should stop sounding so muffled.

Hi,Rechard,I’m gald you said the sound muffed problem is fixed in 2.00,but unfortunately,my project may not update from 1.10 to 2.00 because everything is set fine with 1.10 and will be released in the near future, they won’t take the rick and effort to update to 2.00.So is there any posibililty I can still use fixed Resonance plugin in later version of 1.10?

Hi there. Yes, you can install a copy of FMOD Studio 2.0 (you can have multiple installations of FMOD Studio as long as they are different versions) and grab the updated Resonance plugins from the 2.0 installation directory. These plugins can be used with FMOD Studio 1.10.

Hi Richard.Thanks for your reply.
I grabed resonanceaudio.dll.
resonanceaudio.plugin. resonanceaudio_logo ,these 3 files from Plugins directory,right?
Do I need a new resonanceaudio SDK for Unity and Fmod integration?

I don’t believe you need to update anything except the actual Resonance plugin dlls. That is the correct directory to grab the plugins from.

Greetings again.

Just a heads up that we are experiencing crashes related to the new version of the resonance dll. We don’t know why, but we’re wondering if it’s because the .dll has been copied to the older version and therefore not entirely compatible. dtbs are you experiencing this?

Hi,I’m now not using it

What crashes are you seeing? Do you have any crash logs we can look at?