Random Panning

Hello everyone,
I have been really digging in to FMOD these past few weeks and I’m really liking it so far. I have, however, come up against an issue I could use some help resolving.

  1. Is there a way to achieve random panning without using the scatter module? Or, is there a way to set up the scatter module so it does not re-trigger based on the " Interval Between Sounds" parameter? Or, can I extend the time limit of 30 seconds up to at least a minute?

The scatter module is perfect, except that 30 seconds is not long enough.


  • Jeremy

Do you just want the whole event to randomize its pan position every time it starts? You can do that by clicking the arrow at the top of the 3d panner in the master track, popping up the pan override control.
I then moved the mix to 100% (effectively making it a 2d sound), then moved the position dot to the front center speaker location.
I then right clicked, added a random modulator to the sound direction, and bumped that right up to 100%.

Every time the event triggers, the speaker pan position is random in this case. There might be better ways to do it but that’s one way I found.