Random Structure!

I’m trying to build a piece that puts sections randomly one after another.
I looked into the Celeste speech system and he basically put transition marks one over the other, increasing the percentage each time. The problem is- it doesn’t feel random enough to me when it plays.
Is there any better method? As there an algorithm that can tell me what percentage should be put for each marker?

It looks like my Chiptune Generator!

For an equal distribution, when you stack N transitions, each transition (n) going from 1 to N (top to bottom) should have 100/(N-n+1) %.
Exemple with N = 4:

  • 100/(4-1+1) = 25 %
  • 100/(4-2+1) = 33 %
  • 100/(4-3+1) = 50 %
  • 100/(4-4+1) = 100 %

that’s what I did hm
well, thanks anyway, I’ll take a look at your generator :slight_smile:

You also maybe should weight less some markers which are more frequent in terms of number of path going to it.