Randomly playing different-leghts clips with beat synced transitions

So what I’m trying to achieve is having music tracks of different leghts randomly play one after another. Kind of like you could do it with playlists.

But the twist is, I need them to seamlessly continue, also without cutting off the reverb tail. Is there any way to automate that (like with playlists) or would I have to build it all manually with lots of transition regions?

Thanks for any help.

It depends. Are the reverb tails baked into the audio files, or are they generated in real-time by effects in FMOD Studio (such as the Reverb and Delay effects)?

If it’s the latter, this is trivial: Just create a playlist, and ensure those effects are present downstream of the playlist in its routing path.

If it’s the former, this is a more complex problem to solve; you will have to build it manually with lots of transition regions, as you say.