Reading the Profiler: Instances


I would like to dig deeper on what’s the meaning of the “Active”, “Playing” and “All” in the instances lane.
Can you please specify what’s those are referring? I can’t find anything in the manual


These terms refer to our event instance virtualization system. If you’re not familiar with it, this is the short version: The FMOD Engine automatically “virtualizes” event instances that are too quiet to be audible, and un-virtualizes them if they become audible. A virtualized instance consumes only a tiny fraction of the resources of a non-virtualized (or “active”) instance, but produces no audio output. This reduces the amount of resources consumed by your game project when it is running.

In FMOD Studio’s profiler, “active” is the number of active (or “non-virtual”) voices; “playing” is the number of instances that currently exist, including both active and virtual instances; and “all” is the number of instances that have been created and not released since the start of the profiler session, including instances that have been stopped.