How many virtual/real channel can I use for PC build with desired PC specs?

I was having sound issues, all audio would cut out half way through the game. So I increased the the virtual/ real channel counts in the settings (virtual: 1024 real:64). This fixed the issue.
I am getting our demo build ready, it will be played on PC’s that have our desired specs. Is there any risk to cranking the channels up to avoid potential sound issues. I have not been particularly efficient with fmod method calls.

Virtual channels will use cpu, as the playback position still needs to be calculated, but hitting the voice limit will produces unexpected results so it is always advised to have a very high limit.

If the virtual voice limit is hit then Channels will be stolen and start returning FMOD_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE. Channels which have had their handle stolen in this way are permanently stopped and will never return.