Record start microphone permissions

Hi, trying to call the recordStart function without microphone permissions on a windows machine. Results in the following error code: [FMOD] OutputWASAPI::recordStart : IAudioClient::Initialize returned 0x80070005.

Would it be possible to return a custom case for this, as right now FMOD returns the error code ERR_RECORD, but it would be nice to have some information as to what is actually going wrong. Possibly something like ERR_RECORD_ACCESS_DENIED as that is the error result provided by the IAudioClient code.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Open windows settings
  2. Navigate to privacy settings
  3. Navigate to microphone settings
  4. Disable microphone access for desktop apps.
  5. Add a call to fmod.recordStart
  6. Notice the error

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve added it to our feature and improvement tracker.

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