Region Waveforms vs. Pitching/Updating Audio Files

Hey guys, I’m not sure if this is “As Designed” feature, but just wanted to point out something that’s been an issue for us.

When changing the pitch of a sound region that exists on an Event track, the waveform and region length does not update. This creates an issue so that if the sound is pitched up, you will now get the sound repeating, or if its pitched down, the sound cutting off, and because the waveform doesent update, you have to edit the region by ear.

Similarly, if you were to update the audio file with an edited version in the audio bin, the same issue occurs. The waveform/track region does not update to the edited audio file, so you will either get the sound cutting off or repeating, and as above, you must trim or extend the region by ear to match the edited audio. The workaround for this Im currently using is to just delete the sound from the track and drag it out again from the Audio Bin.

In both of these cases, it would be ideal to have both the region length and waveform update to match the pitched or edited audio. Is this a potential new feature request?


I have actually just run into this. I made a few edits to sounds externally, and their updated versions in the events would repeat then cut off. My fix for this was to right-click and select “Replace Audio With Trimmed Copy” which creates a new sound asset and properly updates the waveform and revealed, in my case, that the sound was being partially looped.

To me this seems really roundabout and unnecessary as it creates a copy of the sound asset and I still have to manually make these changes for every edit. I’m also curious as to why the assets don’t just update automatically with the new edit.


Hi Jesse (and Carlye), thanks for the posts. You’ve raised some good points here, both of which we are planning to address.

In the first scenario (when you modify pitch in Studio) we do plan on adjusting the waveform rendering to match pitch adjustments. We’ll also need to make sure snap points align to this.

In the second scenario (when you’re editing a waveform on disk), what you need to keep in mind is that if you’re modifying an asset in a way which changes the file length, you’ll also need to refresh the metadata in your Studio project to match. Currently, you can do this manually on a per-asset basis in the Assets browser, by right-clicking the asset and selecting “Refresh” from the context menu. This will rescale any time-locked sounds referring to this file.

What we intend to do to make this clearer is detect modified files automatically, which will make it easier for users to initiate the “Refresh” process. We’re also discussing a few smaller tweaks such as renaming “Refresh” to something more descriptive (e.g. “Resolve modifications”). How does this sound?


You know, I was looking for the “Refresh” function but didn’t know it only existed in the Assets browser. Thanks!

That sounds great, thanks Patrick! Ideally there would also be a user preference to “auto refresh” any modified files (as well as check them out from source control), as I cant think of a situation offhand where I wouldnt want them to be refreshed.


Hi Jesse, auto refresh is something we’ve considered. The only real complication is that we generally avoid modifying the user’s project unless they initiate an action (i.e. your opened project shouldn’t spontaneously go into the ‘modified’ state, having an asterisk next to the project title). With this principle in mind, I think the next best thing would be to automatically detect changes, and prompt the user to make the updates. We also think that rescaling places sounds should be optional, so this would lend itself better to a user initiated action.