Release of events

Hello, we’re having some trouble with releasing of called FMOD events in UE. I’m new on the project which had some problems and we have narrowed it down through the Profiler to sounds not being released. “Instances - Active” show me a low number of events corresponding correctly to Instances parameter (eg. 6), while “Instances - All” correspond to the number of events on the level (eg. 200) thus stalling everything and spiking CPU usage.

My progammer tells me that previously in Unreal they didn’t have to call specifically Release() cause they presumed that on auto destroy the event would release, and apparently, some do, cause we don’t have this problem with all events, only some of them. The sounds are called with UFMODBlueprintStatics::PlayEventAttached

So, I was wondering if someone might have some insight on how do to this for Unreal Engine and do we have to call Release absolutely every time? Thanks in advance!

Your programmer is correct: UFMODBlueprintStatics::PlayEventAttached creates an AudioComponent that automatically plays an event instance, returns a handle to that instance, and releases the event instance when its playback is complete. This hasn’t changed recently, so I’m not sure why you’re seeing the behavior you describe.

Are you able to send us a profiler session that exhibits the issue? Or log files from a game session in which the issue occurred?

Hi Joseph, would gladly send you the profiler session, where do I send it to?

You can give files to us in the uploads tab of your profile page.