ReleaseAllInstances is not working

Hi there

I was trying to release all instances of a loop event with 3D spatializer, which is code like this

and its configuration in Fmod Studio is like this

Just to clarfy, I already check that the condition is working and the path of the event is exactly the same (copied from Fmod studio). The version is 2.02.13 of plugin and FmodStudio, Thanks!


If you add FMOD.RESULT to the function call can you let me know if any errors are being logged?

Could you also call Debug_Initialize if you are using the logging version of FMOD and let me know if you see any errors logged?

I just used asynchronous programming in unity to stop and release the event, was a little longer but works. No problems reported in API Error Logs.

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Thank you for sharing the solution, I was able to stop all instances using the function call. If you encounter this issue again please let me know.