Remove clicking sounds while streaming music?

with Fmod 4 latest, I get more and more music streams that produce “clicking sounds” when used.

For example:

At first I thought, these were buffer underruns. But thats not the case.

Is it possible to fix this issue?


P.S: If someone can do this, I’ll will donate some money to…

What machine, what build settings?
I don’t hear clicks on your files (the originals, I presume?)

FMOD 4 sounds old, is upgrading a possibility?

I’m sorry being a long-time supporter / user, “old” is Fmod 3.x for me, when I started my app. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Fmod 4.44.64 and build for win32 machines.

From around 2.500+ radio stations (<> streams), I only get this issue with around 3% lately.
Sorry, I don’t know how to switch to the PR Fmod Studio change code-wise.

I know these streams work fine from other apps, even Firefox. That’s what’s bugs me the most.

Can one pay to get legacy support for just the mp3 streaming part?

Work has been done on internet streaming with FMOD Core API , you should just switch to this API instead. It is very similar to FMOD Ex’s low level API, there is a transition guide at

To pay you would be looking at a premium support level which starts at $15k USD per year.

Thanks for the reply. Sadly, I can’t afford 15K for a freeware project.

Would it be possible to hire someone of the fmod staff for a few hours to only update the mp3-streaming bits of Fmod 4 (without renaming functions)?

I should be easy for someone knowing the system. I’m not qualified for this.

have you tried using FMOD Studio’s Core API ? As I said it has been worked on a lot more than FMOD 3 or FMOD Ex and probably supports more stream types.

I have checked out your new Core API.

Sadly, it breaks a lot of function parameters. Doing spectrum related functions are a complete “mess up”.
I’m an old dino… started with FMod 3.

I was hoping, that I could hire a fmod dev for some hours to “uplift” the streaming parts of Fmod4 a bit.

Is it possible to “rent a dev” for some hours?

The spectrum functionality is the same, it is just accessed through an FFT DSP now instead of having a dedicated function. This lets you analyze any part of the mix graph.

Thanks for trying to help. I have been using Fmod since 2008. I’m just a hobby coder. Never made any “money”, My freeware app is used all around the world. I’m deeply sorry for not having the resources / skills to adopt the code. Users say, Wwise is the “best” out there today. I still think Fmod rocks!