The sound clicks

Sounds make clicks when I minimize the app. If it’s active, it’s fine. Perhaps these clicks occur when the sound ends playing.

Do you mean the clicks occur at the moment that the application is minimized? Or do you mean they continue happening intermittently as long as the application remains in a minimized state? If it’s the former, it’s likely that your playing sounds are being stopped or paused abruptly and not at zero crossings.

You posted this thread in the “Other” forum; does that mean you’re not using FMOD Studio? Are you using the FMOD Core API to play sounds? If so, how are you pausing and stopping them when your application is minimized?

I use FMOD Core Api.
This happens when the application is minimized.
Sounds continue to play while the application is minimized. When the sound finishes playing, I call Sound:: release.

I also noticed that these clicks are also during the active application in some sounds.

What platform does this occur on?

Windows 10.

FMOD doesn’t do anything special when an app is minimized, are you able to supply a project that reproduces the issue at all?

As it turned out, this problem also happens with some sounds when the application is active. Where to put the source code?

You can upload it to your FMOD profile:

I was unable to upload to profile.
MySound.cpp.txt (17.4 KB)

The cpp does not contain anything obvious that might cause an issue. Are you able to reproduce the issue while using the API examples?

Ok, I’ll try.