Requesting fmod.pdb debug symbols for crash tracking

Using : FMOD Engine Core Api 2.02.09
OS : Windows 10

It only occurs on a specific user’s PC.
Unfortunately, the audio device information was not confirmed.

Crash occurs intermittently after about an hour of use.
When I analyzed the crash dump, an exception occurred (0xC0000005) in fmod.dll.
Here is bit part of crash callstack. (disassembly)

00007FF9CE60A519 mov eax,dword ptr [rdx+1Ch]
00007FF9CE60A51C lea ecx,[rax+rax]
00007FF9CE60A51F mov eax,dword ptr [rdx+14h]
00007FF9CE60A522 add eax,eax
00007FF9CE60A524 vmovdqu ymm0,ymmword ptr [rbx+rax*2]

It’s so hard to analysis crash dump. currently not possible.
Requesting fmod.pdb file for crash tracking.

Hello, and welcome to the FMOD Q&A Forums!

I have uploaded the debug symbols for FMOD Engine 2.02.09 to the Uploads section of your profile page.

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