Requesting fmod.pdb for FMOD 1.8.14

Hey guys,

for a long-term simulator-project with CryEngine 5.6.4 (version from Dec 2019) we are using FMOD API version 1.08.14 (build 80900). Now we have crashes in our application and the crash is in fmod.dll (version 2.0.6 according the file properties). I don’t think that the FMOD-dll is responsible for the crash. Maybe it’s a bug in our code where we are using FMOD.

But for debugging-reasons we need debugging symbols for fmod.dll and fmodstudio.dll for that old version to see the full callstack.

In the installer there are no pbds available. Is it possible to provide us with the debugging symbols (pdbs) for that version? I know that 1.08.14 is not supported anymore. I do not request any further support for that version. But if you have the pdbs somewhere in your repository it would help us a lot. Thank you in advance!

Best regards

Resolved offline.