[Resolved] out of memory error

Getting this error “Error: Not enough memory or resources.” after playing our game with studio for a bit. This occurs when setting a parameter value on something that has worked previously.

The more complex the scene is the quicker the error occurs.

I did a memory dump with getMemoryInfo on the main system object, and what looks pretty suspicious is the ‘dsp’ section is claiming this:

dsp: 2010801136

The next highest entries were:
codec: 5799384
sound: 5283504
channel: 963168

Task manager doesn’t show our game using > 2gb of memory, and after doing a recursive dump of all of the channels and all connected dsps nothing looked unusual. An FMOD Echo was using 1059032 bytes and SFX Reverb using 550944, but most things were either 1248 or 568 bytes.

I just updated to 1.1.2, and I didn’t recall seeing it in 1.0.2, but then maybe I’m testing things more.

So I don’t think getMemoryInfo is working, it shows around 1.9 gb all the time.

Some more info:
When the out of memory error occurs most audio in the game goes silent (all new sounds refuse to play)

I think the leak is specific to FMOD::Studio::ParameterInstance::setValue

If I comment that out in code there are no more memory errors, of course then we have no more parameters changing.

Yes, unfortunately getMemoryInfo doesn’t work properly at the moment. Sorry about that! We’ve removed it from the API for now until we have time to implement it properly.

It sounds like the out of memory error you’re getting is due to the fade point pool size being exceeded. I’ve just sent you an email with some custom DLLs you can try to confirm this.

For anyone following this topic, the issue was resolved via email. There were bugs with virtual channels’ handling of fade points that are fixed in the 1.1.3 release.