FMOD_ERR_MEMORY value of FMOD_RESULT returned when calling set3DAttributes(...)

Hello all,

I was wondering if I could ask for help. I have been trying to figure out why the following behavior happens:

FMOD runs in our title for several hours with thousands of events, CreateSounds, streamed audio, snapshots, all that. At some point, quite rarely (say once every 500 hours), when calling set3DAttributes on an event instance, I get FMOD_ERR_MEMORY for an FMOD_RESULT of the operation. At that point, FMOD Studio practically ceases to work. The playback is stuck in an endless loop approx. 0.8 seconds long.

// m_pFmodStudioEventInstance points to a valid object
// m_Pos is a valid object
FMOD_RESULT result = m_pFmodStudioEventInstance->set3DAttributes(&m_Pos);

FMOD Studio would have by then allocated about a half of the pool available to it but still it should have plenty of memory to work. I was never able to reproduce the error.

My version is 1.09.04. An old one, I know, but for certain reason we can’t really upgrade.

Please, have anyone encountered a similar thing? What would you do?

Thanks much,

I can’t say we have encountered this particual issue but FMOD_ERR_MEMORY normally means “Not enough memory or resources.”.
Unfortunately without a repro or any more info we couldn’t even guess at what could be the cause.


Thanks! Yeah, I’m trying to find a reliable repro for days now. I have learned how to “break” the engine in various ways but none ends up with the same symptoms :slight_smile:

As a bit of a test, if you can test it with a newer version of 1.09 (eg. 1.09.11) and the issue is fixed, we might be able narrow down the cause.

Also feel free to send a log file to if you can capture the issue.

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