Resonance audio and FMOD v2

Hi, I just installed FMOD v2, which looks very promising. Unfortunately though it seems the Resonance Audio plugins are gone… or is it just me, and if so how do I possibly get them back?

I actually found a way, importing the old version manually… but the Resonance Audio plugins have lost some of their visual content so I suppose there is something better to do.

I’m not sure why you’re not seeing the resonance audio plugins. They’re present in the FMOD Studio installer, and so should be present in your FMOD Studio plugins subdirectory and deck context menus.

When you say they’re “gone,” what exactly do you mean?

Thanks for your reply. I meant they are gone, as opposed to the fact they were present in the last version of FMOD. When installing FMOD Studio with fmodstudio20000mac-installer.dmg, which I tried three times, the only external plugin I found was the trial for McDSP M1 Limiter. Then I went for an older project and took the resonanceaudio.dylib there which I copied into v2. I now have the three Resonance audio plugins available, but they look incomplete as can be seen below:

I also can’t find it :frowning: so copying from and older project is the only solution?

Ah! It appears that the plugins aren’t being packed into FMOD Studio’s macOS installer. I’ve added this issue to our bug tracker, and it will be fixed in an upcoming release for FMOD Studio.

In the mean time, copying the plugin from an earlier version of FMOD Studio should work. Be sure to copy the .plugin.js file as well as the .dylib file so that the custom UI for that plugin appears in FMOD Studio.


Ah so there was something, glad to hear and looking forward to a fix. Also, it worked - so thanks a lot!

Thank you for the response!!