Resonance Audio Issue With Builds

Hi, wanted to point out this potentially catastrophic issue and a potential fix.

Right now we’re on FMOD version 2.00.08 and Unity 2019.4.11

Our game launched and we found that there were some unrelated memory leaks in our video player. In the process of fixing this, we needed to update Unity.

However, we found that changes made in our editor were not showing up in the build. It was a maddening few nights - the most minor change would be made, the editor would play fine, the build would succeed… but it would be exactly the same as the bugged Steam version.

We traced this problem to the resonance audio plugin. The game is expecting it in the “Plugins” root folder, but the build was placing it in “Plugins/x86-64”:



This was preventing the new build from playing. Somehow, running the executable would switch to the Steam library version.

It’s possible that this was addressed in 2.1 updates, but anyone using older version of FMOD with the resonance plugin, TAKE HEED.

Thanks for letting us know about this. Can you try FMOD version 2.00.12 or newer? We fixed an issue in 2.00.12 where FMOD was looking in the wrong place for plugin files.