FMOD for Unity Build, No Sound when Using Google Resonance Plugins


I am currently working on a project that I am using Google Resonance Plugins within FMOD to play binaural audio built in Unity.

The audio works perfectly fine in the editor with the resonance plugins, but as soon as I build the Unity project, there is no more sound.

I have discovered that this is due to the Google Resonance Plugins, as when I remove the plugins the build audio works fine, so there is definitely something happening with the Google Resonance Plugins that prevents the audio from working in the build.

Would appreciate some support on this.

I am using Unity version 2022.3.10f1
and FMOD version 2.02.21 64-bit



This is what is outputted from the console after building the project, looks like FMOD was not able to load the bank because of the resonance DSP plugin


I was able to solve the issue. I didn’t realize that the resonance audio plugin needed to be added in the FMOD Unity settings. This is something that isn’t really explained in the google resonance SDK git pages: Resonance Audio - FMOD

which I can see why because there is a section for the FMOD platform, and standalone Unity platform, but doesn’t explain how to integrate FMOD into any of the other platforms, but I assume this is something written by Google not FMOD.

Happy to hear you managed to find the solution.

There is a “game engine integration” page on the website, but it’s only linked to at the very bottom of the main FMOD page, so it’s understandable that you missed it. I’ll see whether there’s anything that can be done to make the integration page easier to find. Unfotunately, it seems like this is outside of FMOD’s jurisdiction, but we have some changes planned for our own documentation that should help when using Resonance.