Set event instance channel group

I’m working on a game where the SFX for each room are assigned to a group so we can adjust the mix of each as you move from room to room.

For example, we’d want the footsteps for an NPC in an adjacent room to be assigned to the corresponding group to control volume, EQ etc.

We’re trying to get event instances to play across multiple groups, is such a thing possible? I can see it’s possible to getChannelGroup, but can you set one?



Hi Mark,

Unfortunately, you cannot directly route an event to multiple group buses in Studio. With that said, there are still a number of ways to accomplish what you’re trying to do. Given that you already have group buses with effects set up, the easiest way would likely be to set up a number of sends on your event that route to specific returns in the mixer where you’ve set up your effect. You can then use an event parameter to automate the gain of each send to blend appropriately, and set the parameter value at run-time to “reroute” the event. Note that you’ll want to place the sends before a muted fader or gain effect, otherwise the event will output to the sends as well as bus it’s routed to.

As for setting the channel group, there’s no single setChannelGroup function to do so, as audio behaviour authored with FMOD Studio is intended to be primarily handled at design-time, not at run-time. It is technically possible to reroute an event to a different bus, but it involves drilling down into the Core API’s DSP chain and manually rerouting the DSPs yourself, which we strongly recommend against doing. The Studio system only manages its own DSPs, so you are responsible for managing and cleaning up any changes or additions you make to the DSP chain - often this creates obscure, difficult-to-diagnose issues, especially when the Studio system interacts with your changes.

Hope this helps.

Hi Louis,

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I think your suggestion might be much more streamlined than what we were going to do originally so we’ll give that a try.

I’ll let you know if we have any more questions.

Thanks again.


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