Sandbox - Session saving feature!

The Sandbox is really handy feature in the Studio.
But the impossibility to save your results is very inconvenient.

I am already using it to test different schemes of events intercommunication and behaviour but I have to reconstruct my schemes every time I am opening a project or if occasionally closing the Sandbox window.

I think with the additional improvements it can become a great and powerful tool for events tuning!

Here is my list for possible features:

  1. Sessions functionality.
  2. Midi CC support for events playback (for example I can group series of events in a square formation and launch them from my midi drum pad)
  3. The possibility to disable distance attenuation inside the Sandbox or to force distance value for all events at once.
  4. More convenient way to play and stop events inside the Sandbox. Maybe some big playback buttons which will preserve their scale regardless the Sandbox zoom?

Thank you.

Hi Marcel, thanks for the feedback. We do have plans to expand the functionality of the sandbox, including saving of sessions, and much more. Whilst there isn’t a definite time-frame at this stage, your suggestions are appreciated.

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Thanks Patrick!
If something will come up in the future I will add it in this post.

I definitely agree that a sandbox save session would be very nice!

Thanks Daniel, we’ll keep this in mind.