Scaling units for masterVolume?

I’ve seen a number of script examples involving things like

FMOD.Studio.Bus Master;
float masterVolume = 1f;

How does this map to units like decibels? Is 2f +6 dB since that’s twice as loud?

Like in FMOD Studio I’m very used to thinking in terms of each gain slider going from infinity (∞) to 0 dB and then +10 dB.

What are best practices for translating this?

FMOD converts from a linear value to decibels relative to full scale (dBFS) using the equation dBFS = 20 * log10(linear), and also clips the signal at a low audibility level of -80dB. However, it’s also worth noting that Studio::Bus::setVolume, alongside other similar functions, actually apply the volume argument as a factor to the existing volume set in Studio.

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@Louis_FMOD Appreciate the precise clarity, hope your answer will also help others looking. Thank you!