【setFaderLevel】1 = full volume, that's mean 0db or 10db?

“The volume level to set as a linear gain. 0 = silent, 1 = full volume.” quote from the Studio IPA reference. I wonder that the"full volume" mean 0db or 10 db? If it means 0db, should I setFaderLevel to 1.125 to make the volume equal to 10db?? (I presume 0 = -80, so 0.125 represent 10db)

The relationship is logrithmic, a doubling of the fader value is a increase of 6dB

1.0 = 0dB
0.5 = -6dB
0.25 = -12dB
0.125 = -18dB

0 = -inf (silent)

positive gains:
2.0 = +6dB
4.0 = +12dB

Here is a calculator that does the conversion:

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Thanks Peter! I realize how stupid my question is… I should be more professional, thx again.