Scatterer Delay Interval issue, and copying transitions with automation

Hi! I have two questions, so I figured I’d make a single topic for both.

First, I have an ambience event with a few Scatterer instruments. I need it to loop, with them playing randomly throughout, so I made them the length of the loop region. The only issue, is that they all play once together, when the playhead reaches the start of the instruments.
I searched around and found an old topic, where the answer mentioned the solution for this was the “Delay Interval” property. However, I can only find this property in other kinds of instruments, and not in the Scatterer. How would I go about making them start randomly like the next triggers?

Second, I have a region with quite a few transition markers, and I need them to automate a few parameters during the transition. I did that, it worked well, but when I paste it, it does not carry over the automation. Is there any way to avoid having to do it by hand a dozen times?

Thank you very much for your help! :smiley:

To access the delay interval of a scatterer instrument, first click on the scatter instrument to select it. Then, in the deck, if its “Trigger Behavior” drawer is not already expanded, expand it by clicking on the drawer’s disclosure triangle. Finally, click on the “Time” button to display the delay interval property.

As you have observed, when copying and pasting a transition marker with a transition timeline, automation on the transition timeline is not copied. However, you can copy the section of an automation curve inside a transition timeline by right-clicking on it and selecting “Copy” from the context menu, and then paste it inside another transition timeline. While not perfect, this method should at least save you from having to recreate the automation curve manually.

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