Scatterer element and snapshot problem

Hi there,

I’ve got a strange problem with “scatterer element” and snapshots. Here are the details :

We work on unity and Fmod ( 1 10 20). We use scattered elements on our ambiant sound and we call a snapshot (often the same one) on each scene of the game.

Sometimes, when we go frome one scene to another one and that a scatterer element is playing, then the volum and the pan of this one doing weird things ( volum more powerfull / pan go the center ). It happens during few secondes and we return to the normal state after. I specify that i 've got an AHDSR on the snapshot. With or without the ADSR, we’ve got the problem.

Do you have any clues of what going wrong ?

Thank you

I’d recommend using the FMOD Profiler to record what happens in the game, you should be able to inspect each playing event and observe what’s going wrong.

I’ve already use the profiler but apart from telling me that there are jumps on volumes and pans, i have no clue about what’s going on. The only thing that seems strange to me :

The problem sometimes comes when the snapshot of the new scene is called again. Yet, it does have an ADSR. You can see the behavior with the GIF.Error

Thank you

It’s hard to tell from the animated gif but looking at the 3D preview it looks like something jumps position then jumps back. You can press the </> button on the transport bar to see the API calls made at each time slice, that might indicate what the game is doing to cause the issue.