Scatterer Instruments - Start Offset/Randomized on First Play


I am using several scatterer instruments inside a multi-track, looping event, and I would like a way to prevent all the instruments from playing at once when the event begins playing. I was wondering if there is a way to introduce the scatterers gradually and randomly when the event starts, since all firing at once is not desired and runs counter to the goal of creating a random/scattered soundscape.

Here’s my event:

Here’s what I’m ultimately trying to achieve:

  1. Randomly spawned gunshots from a variety of weapons (organized into separate instruments on separate tracks)
  2. Control over rate of spawn and scatter distance (hence the scatterers)
  3. An indefinite loop of this event that will be started and stopped from code
  4. A gradual start to the event that resembles the more sparse, random nature of the loop.

My current setup works great except for goal number 4. Once the event is looping, the effect is exactly what I want. As long as I can achieve those four goals, I’m open to alternate schemes and ready to switch to the best method.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Here’s a method to do what you want:

  1. Click on a scatterer instrument to select it.
  2. In the deck, expand its trigger behavior drawer.
  3. Click the “Time” button.
  4. Click and drag the “Delay Interval” ribbon slider’s handles to define a range of times after being triggered that the instrument should wait before it starts making noises.

And, just in case the first method doesn’t suit your event’s needs, here’s a second method that should also work:

  1. Click and drag the left end of the loop region to the right, until it’s just a little to the left of its right end.
  2. Click and drag the left edge of each of the scatterer instruments a random distance to the right, but not so far that the scatterer instrument doesn’t overlap both ends of the loop region.
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How did I miss the delay option?!

You guys are the best. Thanks!